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About Me

Jeff Hulett

Business executive, Personal Finance professor, Non-profit leader

Based on my professional experience, if I was a car, I would be driving near the intersection of banking process boulevard, risk management road, and data science drive.  Much of my professional career involves helping banks and governments make great decisions.

In a world overrun with data, the essential success driver includes curating your own information and surrounding it with an amazing decision process.  Success is born from subtracting irrelevant information - more so than adding new information. 


The decision process is the important and often missing step necessary for personal finance success.

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Why is decision science and choice architecture so important!

Top 6 reasons why Personal Finance success starts with choice architecture

  1. American cultural messages teach us to spend now.

  2. Evolution and how our brains naturally make decisions encourage us to spend now.

  3. Decision confidence is important. Achieving conviction in our confidence is challenging.

  4. Data serves the consumer product marketing companies' self-interest, data is noisy, and data may be intended to deceive.

  5. Big consumer brands provide choice architecture designed for their own self-interests.

  6. The decision process may lack urgency or frequency.


Conclusion:   The best personal finance choice architecture is necessary for the best personal finance decisions.  I provide technology, books, and seminars enabling personal finance success with the best choice architecture. 

See our article: Top 6 reasons why Personal Finance success starts with choice architecture

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