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What the students are saying! Praise for Personal Finance education and Making Choices, Making Money

"It taught me how to think about personal finance, instead of just telling me what it was and how to do it."

—Jada L

"Hulett's teaching style is awesome, he's very personable and makes you want to learn more about personal finance."

Will R

"I really liked the real–life application he added to the class. He helped me plan how I should distribute my finances throughout my life. Very beneficial class and I can't recommend it enough"

Lillian C

"I really enjoyed the material and the fact that it is very applicable to my future and every person's future. The skills learned in this class will be very beneficial in my future when coming across decisions as this class has given me multiple resources to make the best decision for me."

—Jacqueline W

"I liked the personal aspect of this course. Every topic has to do with your life and is something you will run into at some point during life. I also liked how passionate Professor Hulett is about personal finance!"

Mary B

"It is amazing that Professor Hulett wrote the textbook."

—Arjun T

"Jeff made the topics interesting to learn about, I always looked forward to class, and he made a great learning environment. He explained things in a way that was easy to understand."

Jordan A


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