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Tim Roemer

Former U.S. Congressman and U.S. Ambassador

“Jeff has been a friend for 25 years. As our kids grew up together, he’s expertly practiced the lessons taught in this superb guide to making good decisions, whether its buying a car, investing in the market or saving for retirement. Being successful with your personal finances all starts with being a good decision-maker. Read it…and reap the benefits.”

Dr. John List

Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor of Economics

University of Chicago

“Jeff’s decision process-first focus is a personal finance game changer.  Providing a consistent, repeatable process is essential to making personal finance a scalable success.”

College Students

"It taught me how to think about personal finance, instead of just telling me what it was and how to do it."

Jada L


"Hulett's teaching style is awesome, he's very personable and makes you want to learn more about personal finance."

Will R

What they are saying....


Jeff Hulett is a personal finance professor at James Madison University.  Jeff has also held academic advisory board roles at JMU.  Jeff is the Executive Director of Definitive Social. The non-profit's mission is to help people achieve a better life through better decisions. 

Jeff uses an exciting, fresh approach to personal finance.  He starts with the decision process.  If you learn a great decision process and surround it with great tools, then amazing personal finance outcomes will follow.  He approaches personal finance broadly.  It is not just typical financial decisions like savings accounts, homes, or retirement.  Important life decisions with significant wealth impact are addressed, like a college education or career decisions.

Jeff's background includes data science, decision science, and behavioral economics. Jeff's experience includes decision policy and leadership roles at consulting, technology, and banking firms, including KPMG, IBM, Wells Fargo, and Citibank. 

Jeff holds advanced degrees in Mathematics, Finance, and Economics.

Jeff is happily married and lives in the Washington D.C. area.  Jeff has 4 adult children.  Jeff's children were loving "test subjects" growing up in a home teeming with decision science and personal finance.  Today, they all lead amazing, fulfilling lives.

Making Choices, Making Money:  Your Guide to Making Confident Financial Decisions

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