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What they are saying! Praise for Making Choices, Making Money

Jeff’s decision process-first focus is a personal finance game changer. Providing a consistent, repeatable process is essential to making personal finance a scalable success.”

—John List, Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor in Economics, The University of Chicago

“As our kids grew up together, Jeff expertly practiced the lessons taught in this superb guide to making good decisions, whether its buying a car, investing in the market, or saving for retirement. Being successful with your personal finances all starts with being a good decision maker. Read it…and reap the benefits.”

—Tim Roemer, Former U.S. Congressman and U.S. Ambassador

“The best part about Jeff’s decision making approach is that it works. He blends research with time-tested theories and makes them ACTIONABLE and SCALABLE. His approach works for individual decisions but easily scales to essential board and senior leadership team decisions.”

—Kenneth Svendsen, CEO, Oasis Marinas, Serial Investor and Entrepreneur

“Different from other personal finance books, Jeff focuses on the process of decision-making, with recognition of our emotional needs. I agree with Jeff that learning personal finance boils down to being able to make better decisions. Only then, we truly enjoy the financial freedom— the freedom to make informed decisions given resource constraints.”

—Dr. Hui Sono, Academic Unit Head & Professor, Finance; Professor,

International Business; J. Gray Ferguson Eminent Professor, James Madison University

“I like the cup of Starbucks coffee a day example. It’s relatable and a good example of how the small day-to-day decisions have a cumulative effect on one’s financial future. In this ‘Insta-world,’ it’s harder than ever for young people to defer pleasure now for pleasure later, so if your book can even bend the curve a little bit, you will have made a huge impact!”

—John Sammarco, President and Chief Decision Science Officer, Definitive Business Solutions

“Clearly the culmination of a career and life-long pursuit of helping people and organizations thrive. Jeff outlined a differentiated and pragmatic way for individuals, at any stage of life, to approach building wealth by applying process to making those decisions. The purpose being to understand, in a non-judgmental way, the trade-offs being made with each decision and how those are uniquely valued by the decision maker.”

—Mike Zarro, Executive Vice President, Mortgage Servicing, Truist Bank (Retired)

“The part about making decisions with the best information available is at the heart of why books like this are sorely needed. Because, sadly, so much of what is taught is far from the best information available: the statistics are often not applicable to long-term decisions. Exacerbating this, with the steady disappearance of defined benefit and inflation-linked pension

schemes, more and more people need to take the kind of decisions previously taken by trained, experienced, and regulated fund managers. One of my favorite misperceptions derailing long-term decisions is that if a decision is, on average, beneficial once, then repeating it will tend toward that average benefit. Not true for individual paths through life, or individual businesses we may invest in.”

—Graham Boyd, Author, The Ergodic Investor and Entrepreneur

“I can’t help but think about all of the connections between your new book and the business analytics that I taught for many years. None of us were born with good decision-making skills, but we can learn and develop them. Your book has implications beyond financial decision-making!”

—Dr. Susan Palocsay, Professor Emeritus of Business Analytics at James Madison University

"Jeff has a heart for bringing decision science to the everyday person. From working with middle, high and college level students, Jeff’s process and experience brings a whole new meaning to providing Financial Literacy. The tools outlined in this book will make a tangible impact for youth while addressing one of the most critical needs in our Country. Jeff’s focus has been on youth from every socioeconomic background making this an accessible tool for every community."

—Thomas D. Rea, President, Bank of the James – Shenandoah Valley


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