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Making Choices, Making Money - Table of Contents

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Part I: Confident Decisions and How to Make Them

Chapter 1: Achieving Conviction in Your Confidence and Addressing Biases

Chapter 2: Weighing Your Options, Changing Your Mind

Chapter 3: Contemplating Your Decisions: Tuning Out the Noise

Chapter 4: Taking Action: Pulling the Trigger on Your Choice

Part II: College: Now or Later?

Chapter 5: Considering Your College Options

Chapter 6: Optimizing Your College Choices: An Employer’s Perspective

Part III: Planning Your Career

Chapter 7: Pursuing Success: Pillars to Build On

Chapter 8: Choosing Your Career Path

Chapter 9: Landing Your First Job

Part IV: Spending Your Money

Chapter 10: Budgeting Like a Stoic

Chapter 11: Buying a Car

Chapter 12: Buying a Home

Chapter 13: Spending for Big Events

Part V: Investing Your Money

Chapter 14: Capitalizing on Youth

Chapter 15: Considering Diversification and Volatility

Chapter 16: Choosing a Great Investment Advisor

Chapter 17: Saving Smartly, Not Sleepily

Chapter 18: Using Consumer Financial Products: Lessons into Action

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