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Resources - Making Choices, Making Money

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Figure 11 - Career Choices and Retirement Value

Industry and job change segment model
Download XLSX • 30KB

Figure 16: Pay Yourself First Model

Pay Yourself First
Download XLSX • 27KB

Figure 17: Smart Budgeting Yields Significant Outcomes

Smart Budgeting Yields Significant Outcomes
Download XLSX • 14KB

Figures 20 & 21: Homeownership vs. Renting + U.S. Median Monthly Rent

Rental v Homeownership Value
Download XLSX • 181KB

Figure 24: Wedding - Opportunity Cost Result

Stoics Arbitrage Wedding Model
Download XLSX • 12KB

Figure 25: Bob and Liam's Investment Journey

investing for retirement model (3)
Download XLSX • 63KB

Figure 36: Liam's Barbell Strategy

Figure 38: Value Difference between PFAs and Robo-Advisors over Time

Liam Arbitrage between PFA and Robo
Download XLSX • 29KB

Chapter 18: Consumer Products Models

The Stoics Arbitrage models
Download XLSX • 183KB


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